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(I am a customer at a retail store that typically has very good deals with can be combined with coupons to get even better deals. Some things are 80% off before extra coupons. I am in life behind 2 older women checking out.)

Woman 1: Can you tell me how much these are?
Cashier: $19.99
Woman 1: It’s not on sale? There was a sign saying it was on sale.
(Note: the 19.99 was still a discounted price)
Woman 2: They always do that. They put one thing on sale with a bunch of things and put a sign saying it’s on sale!
Cashier: *rings up the item along with the other couple items they were purchasing*
Woman 2 (to Woman 1): Oh you’re getting them? She rang them up already. You’re getting them? I thought you didn’t want them? (to the cashier) I have a coupon.
Cashier: Oh, sorry, that coupon doesn’t start until tomorrow…
Woman 2: Are you kidding me? This happens EVERY TIME I’m in here. I’m NEVER coming back. I’ll buy this now. But I am never coming back. This always happens. It’s ridiculous. I am never shopping here ever again.
Cashier: *silence*
(The 2 woman pay and continue grumbling and making a fuss)

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