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[I’ve just finished ringing up a customer’s purchase with coupons]

Me: Okay, your total is $44.80

Customer: Hm, that doesn’t seem right. It’s too high.

[Customer gets out the calculator on her phone and starts doing the math, coming up with a lower amount. I try walking her through the purchase, telling her the prices of each item, but she’s still not convinced]

Customer: Something is definitely wrong. It’s too high! Cancel all of that, and maybe you should start over.

[I cancel the transaction and ring up her items and coupons again]

Me: Okay, before coupons your total is $57.76. After the coupons, your total is $44.80.

Customer: See? That’s much better! I told you, something wasn’t right before! Oh yes, that’s much better. I don’t usually check, but this happened to me at another store too so I’m glad I did. Yes, something was definitely wrong the first time.

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