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[I’m working one of the self checkouts when this notoriously rude woman, who wears an american flag hat every time she’s in the store, flags me down]
Me: Hi, did you need any help at all?
Woman: YES. Every time I walk in and out of the store, I set off the alarm!! I got this wallet for my husband and it says it will prevent people from stealing our card information! Is that what is causing it? [she’s holding the small paper they put in the wallet that explains what it does. She’s holding it for me to read but she whips it away really fast and shouts] YOU NEED TO KEEP GREETERS ON EACH END OF THE STORE SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN! GET ME SOMEONE IMPORTANT I CAN TALK TO ABOUT THIS!
Me: ma’am I can help you, let me try to figure out why you went off at the door. May I read that paper?
[she hands it to me. I notice it has a little security tag on the back of it.]
Me: Oh! that’s why you went off at the door! The wallet itself shouldn’t set it off, but since you kept this paper in there and it had the security tag on it, that’s why.
woman: Oh. Okay. Thanks. I’ll just throw out this paper then.

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