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[I have been standing in line at the post office for just over an hour, waiting to get a parcel i have posted. The post office cashier is Indian, she speaks English very well, but has a slight accent, two teenage girls are standing at the front of the que gossiping away.]

Cashier: [To the teen girls] Hello, can i help you today?

Girl 1: [Scoffing] why else would i be here…

Girl 2:[Whispering to Girl 1 but loudly enough for everyone to hear] i can barely understand her, why do they even hire their kind anyways.

Cashier: [visibly upset, but continues to try to do her job] What would you like to send today.

Girl 1: [Speaking loud and slow to the cashier] I…Need…This…Box…To…Go…To…Dis…Place. You…Read…No?

Cashier: [Trying to ignore their rudeness] Please place it on the scale.

Girl 2: No…You…Take…Box…You…Curry…Eater…

[This exchange goes on for a while, with the cashier asking them to put the parcel on the scale and then refuse point blanc talking to her in the insulting slow tone, and I had finally had enough]

Me: [Stepping forward I mimic the girls tone of voice] No…she…wants…you…to…put…box…on…metal…thing.

Girl 1: Why you talking to us like that b****

Me: Oh sorry, just from the way you where talking i thought you might be a bit slow…

Girl 2: No, the cashier is the stupid one![stomping her feet like a child]

Me:[Patronisingly] Yes yes, ok sweetie, put you box on the scale now [she puts it on the scale with me watching over] awww who’s a big girl, now pay the nice lady, apologize and walk out…

[The girls do as i say, beetroot red at being confronted, finally they leave]

Cashier: Thank you, they always come in here to harass me.

[Apparently they never returned to harass the woman again]

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