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Ive worked in a small department store for about 3 years and have the most experience of any of the employees despite me being the youngest on staff. An older lady in a bright purple feathery hat is wandering around looking confused so I offer to help.
Me: Hi, How are you today? Is there anything I can do to help?
Old lady: I need a jug for boiling water.
Me: A kettle?
Old lady: NO! My friend has one, Its a jug you boil water in
Me: *confused, takes her to our kettle section* Is this what you were looking for?
Old Lady: Yes that’s exactly it, Why couldn’t you just take me here in the first place?
Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Old lady: I need something to put on my ironing board, a towel or something
Me: We have a range of ironing board covers *show her a few different types*
Me: Are these what you were looking for?
Old lady: Take them out.
Me: I’m sorry?
Old lady: Take them out right now!
Me: *assuming she means the ironing board covers I inform her of the store policy about unfortunately not being able to take items out of the package and resell them*
Old lady: You know what? You are awful, The other girls are so much better than you. I guess that’s what happens when these places hire stupid kids to do things. Your heart just isn’t in the right place. That’s your problem dear you don’t have the heart for treating people with respect. You’re all just lazy freeloaders wanting money for no work, You don’t even know what a water jug is. Lazy.
*she leaves muttering about today’s youth having no heart and finds one of my coworkers who is on her first ever shift and spends the next hour telling her about my poor service and how I’d never even boiled water before. She eventually convinces the poor girl to take 3 different covers out of the packages without purchasing any of them.