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I go to the same Starbucks coffee every morning. It’s down the street from my apartment and it’s convenient to stop in on my way to work. I’m such a regular, they know my name (and it’s spelling and pronunciation!) and my order and I know all their names and details of their lives. This happens one morning when I see my favorite barista behind the register.

Customer 1: I’ll have a latte please.

Barista: Coming right up. That’s (price.)

Customer 1: Here you go.

After this the barista takes her money, gives her change and closes the register drawer.

Customer 1: Oh can you break this $5 so I can give you a tip?

Barista: No unfortunately not. Once the drawer is closed I can only re-open it for a payment.

Customer, suddenly becoming nasty: Well fine. Then I can’t give you a tip!

She walks off in a huff, still clasping the $5.

Me: Hi (Barista’s name)! My usual please! Oh and here’s $5 for a tip. No need to break it.

Barista, with a shocked face: Thank you! That’s so generous!

She’s given me discounts on orders before or free drinks for the smallest mistakes so she and the staff 100% deserved it.

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