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I was working the box office of a movie theater on a slow night. It was reaching the end of the night, so the only showtimes left were PG-13 or R. A couple, who looked to be 18-20 or so, came in with the boyfriend’s 9 year old brother in tow.

Boyfriend: “Yeah, can we get tickets to [R rated film].”

Me: “May I see IDs?”

Girlfriend: “I don’t have mine, but I’m obviously over 17.”

Me: “I’m sorry miss, but our theater has a strict policy that anyone who looks younger than 25 must show ID.”

Boyfriend: “Well I have my ID, see I’m 19. And she is with me so she can go in.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, it is also in our policy that anyone without ID must either retrieve it or be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 21. Since you are not 21, she will have to get her ID or you can see a PG-13 film instead.”

Very annoyed, the girl consents to go home for her ID. When she leaves, I also had to explain to the boyfriend that his little brother couldn’t watch the movie either.

Boyfriend: “Fine, then get him a ticket to one of the other movies.”

Me: “We only have PG-13 and R rated movies left. I’m sorry, but he can’t see either of those.”

There was nothing else I could do and they were waiting on the girl to get back, so the two brothers go out and stand in the hall. The older brother ended up ditching his young brother for the date, telling him to wait at the McDonalds across the street until the movie was done.