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*Every November, Melbourne shuts down for the first Tuesday for Cup Day. It is officially a state holiday so we can all gamble on a horse race.
I’m not making this up.*

Me: Welcome to [store], this is [my name]. How can I help you?
Customer: Yeah, I came to your store on Tuesday to look, but you were closed.
Me: That’s right. It was Cup Day.
Customer: Yeah, but your website says your hours are 11 to 6 on a Tuesday. I checked to make sure.
Me: Yes it does. But it was Cup Day.
Customer: So how come you weren’t open?
Me: Sir, what were YOU doing away from your job on Tuesday.
Customer: It was a holiday.
Me: Yes. Yes it was. That’s why we weren’t open.
Customer: Well, I want [item]. So how do you suggest I get it?!
Me: We have a website, sir. You previously mentioned browsing it, so just go back to it and purchase what you want through there. We deliver nationwide and delivery is free after the [value] level.
Customer: I want [unique and very expensive item]. Can you hold that for me?
Me: Unfortunately that wouldn’t be fair to other customers who may also want it and are willing to pay up front. But if you purchase it online, we can hold on to it until you’re ready to pick it up. Or we can have a courier bring it to you.
Customer: So how do I buy it now?
Me: Through the website, sir.

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