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(I work at a commercially owned deli within a large chain store, where we get the weirdest customers. One day, I was waiting on a customer when another approached in the middle of the conversation. Keep in mind, Customer 1 was a very pasty gamer/nerd kind of person, almost stereotypical and very obviously white. He was also wearing a shirt that said, “I wish every day was Taco Tuesday.”)
Me: Oh, you must really like Mexican food!
Customer 1: Heh, yeah. I really do.
Customer 2: Hey! That’s really rude and rather racist of you to say something like that just because he’s Mexican!
(I was rather taken aback by this and couldn’t respond before the first customer turned to the woman.)
Cust. 1: Lady, I don’t really know what you’re talking about… I’m pretty sure she was just commenting on my shirt. And I’m definitely not Hispanic.
(Customer 2 gawked for a bit before awkwardly walking away, not even getting her deli order in. I haven’t seen her since.)

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