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I was a delivery driver for a sandwich restaurant chain. On my first day on the job I make a delivery to a hotel a few blocks down the road. I get to the door, a woman answers the door and gives me a twenty and I give her the food as well as her change. This is the interaction that followed:
Customer: Where’s my fifty cents?
Me: I’m sorry but they only give me bills for change, no coins (I understand this can be annoying to some people and when I did have coins I would give people their full change).
The customer then stares at me and closes the door. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get a tip.
A few minutes after I get to the store the phone rings and I answer it. It’s the woman from the hotel and she’s angry and wants to speak to my manager.
This made me pretty nervous because (as I said) I was new to the job and didn’t want to mess things up on one of my first deliveries. I start to freak out a bit and imagine all the The manager gets off the phone and I ask him what the customer was mad about…
Manager: Don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong, she was mad about something else.
Me: What was she made about?
Manager: She said the pickle we gave her was too small.
Me: Really? That’s a dumb thing to complain about, how could we control that?
Manager: Yeah, when she ordered she said she wanted the biggest pickle we had so I gave her the smallest one I could find.
To this day I’m not sure whether what my manager did was funny or if he was being a jerk. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

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