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17 Strange And Darling Stories For Son And Daughter Day!

, | Right | August 11, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Son and Daughter Day in the US! Everyone is someone’s son, daughter, or non-binary kid, and everyone has some strange or funny stories about the relationship offspring have with their parents.

In honor of this day, we’ve dug into the recesses of the Sons & Daughters tag for 17 stories about weird and memorable antics between parents and their kids!


Sweet Revenge – Hits from Gilmore Girls: “I have no patience for jam hands!”

Not Being Five Makes Them All Sixes And Sevens – Kids are often very honest. Sometimes too honest.

Not Raising Them To Be Trash – And NAR’s Parent Of The Week Award goes to…

Puppies Prove So Adorable That Even Those Allergic Cannot Stay Away – You can’t argue with cute kid logic!

Doesn’t Fit The Fitted Narrative – I learned how to fold a fitted sheet from a YouTube video.

Sure Geordi LaForge Would Disagree – Having a baby isn’t all cuddles and cute Instagram pictures!

I’m Just Kid-ding – And then Mom came home with a baby goat.

Run So Fast You’re Panting – Airports are stressful places, especially for this little guy!

They Don’t Cover That Part In The Medical Books – Sounds like someone is a very good listener.

He Watches When You’re Sleeping – So be good, for goodness’ sake!

Washed Your Hands Of This A Long Time Ago – Honestly, sometimes I think dirty dishes just breed in my kitchen when I’m not looking.

Someone Worth Talking About – You know what they say about apples and trees.

A Touching Story – It’s never too early to learn about consent!

Happy Meal – Hits from the comments: “Because they taste like chicken, dear!”

Wish Your Daughter Would Just Leaves – I used to hate asparagus until I realized you can cook it without boiling it to death. Just sayin’.

Daddy’s Little Hacker – I’m really curious how old this customer’s daughter is.

Dancing Until You Cry – This beautiful story will have you reaching for tissues and looking around for onion-cutting ninjas.


We hope you enjoyed this Sons-And-Daughters-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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