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17 Egg-tacular Easter Customer Stories From Weird, To Woeful, To Wonderful!

| Right | April 4, 2021

Dear readers,

For those who observe it, we here at Not Always Right would like to wish you a very happy Easter! This occasion can mean different things to many people, from a solemn religious event to enjoying time with family over a nice meal (and some chocolate eggs!).

Sadly, there are those out there who think Easter should be their way or the highway, or those that don’t quite get the holiday at all. Regardless, as today is Easter Sunday, we’ve rounded up seventeen stories from our archives about customers, good and bad, and how they ensure Easter remains a memorable holiday for customer service workers!


Some-Bunny Was Cranky Today… – There’s no winning with some people.

The Last Scupper – Jesus was Jewish, so…

Judged Unworthy To Judge – Just what everyone’s looking for: disapproval.

The Easter Bunny And St. Valentine Attended Jesus’ Birth – WHY do people insist on blaming retail staff for this stuff?!

Peace On Earth, Or At Least During The Day Shift – They’re only open because customers keep coming in, you know.

Whoever Said Easter Isn’t Egg-citing Is Hopping Mad – I mean this in the most positive way possible, but… what the f***?

Easter Bunny Goes North – Doesn’t the Easter Bunny have a pretty standard loot package?

Tell Jesus It’s Time To Rise And Shine…Again – That’s the risk you take when you shop this way.

Had A Mourn-day Thursday – Sweet, sweet hypocrisy!

Caffeine And Easter And Lent, Oh My – Hits from the comments: “Can I come in on Sunday?” “Sorry, we’re gluclosed.”

Why Don’t You Bunny Hop Out Of Here? – ANIMALS. ARE. NOT. PROPS.

Not So Good After All – When else would you suggest we schedule it?

His Chances Are Cake Bombing – It’ll taste just as good, and he’ll still be a brat.

As If January Isn’t Already Depressing Enough – So… you’re upset that it’s too early but also that it’s too early?

It’s A Mad Mad Magdarame World – Hits from the comments: “This takes “‘I make my own ___ at home’ to a whole new level.”

The Easter Bunny Has Learned To Avoid Black Friday – I think we just found ourselves a new shopping partner!

Just Another April Fool – You must be new. To life.


We hope you enjoyed this Easter-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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