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17 Crazy Tales About Parent-Teacher Conferences That Did Not Go As Expected!

| Right | February 25, 2021

Dear readers,

The phrase “parent-teacher conference” is enough to send shivers down the spine of students, teachers, and parents alike. It’s not so bad if the conference involves a “hardworking” student who is “a delight to have in class,” but for some of us… yikes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who got very familiar with phrases like, “talks too much,” and, “easily distracted,” and “not living up to their potential.”

But it’s not always students for whom these conferences are a painful experience! We’ve rounded up 17 stories about parent-teacher conferences that were anything but “a delight to have in class”!


That’ll Teach Him – He’s not like regular teachers; he’s a cool teacher!

B Minus In Parenting – Well, someone’s not getting an A for Effort.

Making A Complete Boob Of Himself – Wow! The teacher and the parents both handled this surprisingly well!

Don’t Fail Your Family (History) – Teachers don’t know everything.

Must Have Learned It From His Dear Papa – Something’s not okay here.

Teachers Are Problem Solvers – Sounds like your son was neer the problem.

Have A Problem With A Non-Problem – The saddest part is that all too often the kids who need help most have parents who care the least.

Stopping The Problem Before It Multiplies – “The questions are designed to be wrong.”? As if math wasn’t confusing enough.

This Apple Doesn’t Foul Far From The Tree – Well, s***, we don’t f****** know, either.

Mother Solved The Biggest Math Problem – Which side of the desk is the problem on, really?

This Apple Pie Doesn’t Fall Far From The Geometry – Hits from the comments: “Oh, no! They breed!”

About To Adopt An Apologetic Attitude – Good with science, terrible with social graces.

Throw It At The Densest Student – My middle school science teacher threw a chair across the room on the first day to demonstrate the concept of friction. Science teachers are weird.

A Miserable Teacher – Hits from the comments: “Sounds like getting rid of that teacher would make everyone less miserable.”

The Mother Of All Assumptions – Don’t you wish you could send teachers to the principal’s office?

Rewarding Behavior, Part 2 – This mother kept her cool much better than I would have!

I Swim Like A Girl? Thanks! – Thank goodness these apples seem to have flung themselves far, far away from the tree.


We hope you enjoyed this Parent-Teacher-Conference-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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