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17 Compelling Reasons Why Customers Should Wear Masks In Stores

Extras | February 11, 2021

For essential workers and customers, mask-wearing has been a significant point of conflict throughout the pandemic.

We recently asked our readers, “Should customers be forced to wear masks in stores?” Here’s what they said. Note: names have been pixelated for privacy.

1) Yes, because it’s not about you, but the people you’re putting at risk:

2) … and because masks help to mitigate spreading:


3) To protect the health of workers, especially immunocompromised ones:

4) … and also as a sign of respect to workers:


5) Because if someone with anxiety, PTSD, COPD, and lungs at 40% can wear one, so can others:


6) Because business owners also suffer when customers refuse:


7) Because if schools can regulate dress codes, so can businesses:


8) To keep grocery store workers like this one from getting sick:


9) Because it’s morally questionable to simultaneously risk employees’ lives and demand reopening:


10) Because if you have legitimate health issues which prevent you from wearing a mask, you probably shouldn’t be out and about in a pandemic:


11) Because stores have the right to refuse service:


12) Because business owners and employees also have rights:


13) Because people complained about seatbelts too:


14) Because businesses are private property:


15) Because people in other countries seem to have no problem with wearing masks:


16) Because if a pregnant lady with one lung and asthma can breathe fine with a mask, so can you:


17) And finally, because it’s just the neighborly thing to do:


What do you think? Should customers be forced to wear masks in stores? Leave a comment and let us know!

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