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I work as a front desk agent for a popular hotel in my area. During the morning shift we check out the guests and make sure everything was okay.

Lady: We are getting our things and then leaving

Me: Okay, How was everything?

Lady: Oh it was goooood

(Stands there staring at me)

Me: Glad everything went well

(Lady leaves to get a rolling cart for her things and then returns to the desk)

Lady: I don’t know where I am..

Me: You are in (Name of City)

Lady: No I know that, I just don’t know where I am

Me: (Name of the hotel)

Lady: Oh yes!! I want to stay at another place that will give me a discount card or something

Me: I have a list of our hotels in other locations if you know where you will be stopping at today

Lady: No no I can get that off the internet, I just want a place that has a discount card

Me: Well there is AAA discounts among others if you have that

Lady: No I have old people discount

Me: (blankly stare)

Lady: Well I got to go

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