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So, I was working the cash register in the garden center. and this girl came threw my line. she had some gold spray paint and it was the kind/brand that wanted their age. since they had to be 18 to get it. now this girl looked under 18

me: can I see your ID, I need it for the paint
customer: I don’t have it with me, can’t I just give you my birth date
me: no,
customer: but I’m over 18, i need it for a wedding
me: I could get in trouble for not checking. without an ID i can not sell it to you.

so she ends up buying the flowers and leaves. she goes to her car in the parking lot and drives off. so she was driving around without an licenses or

shortly after my co-worker walked by and i asked them if they could bring the paint inside and i told them what happened. It was in case she came back and tried anything funny.

co-worker: Did you know that Gold is the most common color people use to huff paint.

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