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(For the record, law states I have to ID anyone who looks under 25, and I have reason to believe will be one of the people using the product. A girl who looks around 16 brings several bottles and cans of cider up to the till, walks away, returns a few moments later with her parents, younger brother and some more shopping.)
Me: *about to scan the alcohol* If I could just see some ID please
Mother: WHAT? She’s not drinking it?!
(The mother instantly becomes hostile, yelling at me and interrupting me when I try to explain that I am just following the law. I am terrified at this point, and serve them just to get her out of the store. All the while the rest of her family is telling her to calm down. They leave, the mother still ranting that she’ll report me. I am in tears.)
Me: [coworker], can I please go on my break…please.
Coworker: oh god yeah go, go, breathe.
(My manager comes in later and I explain to her what happened. She was fully on my side, and will support me if I choose to not serve that woman again.)

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