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( I work in a Frozen Yogurt Shop and I always seem to be the person to get the odd customers. This particular instance I was still in training, so I wasn’t alone at the store when at any other time I would be. A woman walks in with her kids in the middle to summer at night. After buying her froyo, she goes out to our outdoor patio to sit and eat with her kids.)

Customer: Excuse me.
Me: Yes, Ma’am, may I help you?
Customer: Damn right you can help me! You people are disgusting. I’m going to call the health deparment on you!
Me: I’m sorry, what happened? We are typically very good about keeping this place clean. (We have never had less than a 100 for our health score)
Customer: You need to take care of your ant problem before they become a topping.
Me: Well, it is a hot summer night, and there have been others eating out on the patio, so the ants are looking for food. I’m sorry if they are bothering you, but you are welcome to come inside to finish your yogurt.
Custome: I will absolutely not! I’m taking my children elsewhere.
( At this point she asks for a refund on her already eaten yogurt.)