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(I worked at a grocery store gas station for about a year. It didn’t have a convenience store, just a tiny kiosk for a cashier and a few cigarette racks and that’s it. It’s a slow day and a man walks up to the window. Nothing seems unusual about him or anything.)

Customer: “I need to use your restroom.”

Me: (Looks around at the tiny kiosk) “Sir, we don’t have a restroom.”

Customer: “I really have to go. Last time I was here the lady let me use it.”

Me: “Sir, we physically DO NOT have a restroom. You have to go across the parking lot to the grocery store or the [nearby fast food restaurant]. I’m sorry.”

Customer: (Glares at me for an uncomfortable amount of time) “What goes around comes around.” (Storms off. Has peed his pants.)

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