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Call centre:hi, this is the call centre. I have a customer on the line who received the wrong ammo. Can I put him through?
Me:yeah go ahead.
(returning/exchanging ammo is against the law and our store policy)
Customer:(has me on speaker so his wife could talk too) I received the wrong ammo! I need to exchange it.
Me:I’m sorry sir, unfortunately, it is against the store’s policy and the law to return or exchange ammo.
Customer:but, its not our fault we received the wrong kind (I can hear his wife screaming in the background about it too)
Me:I can speak with the store director and get his verdict, but that’s all I can do.. Do you mind if I put you on hold for a second?
Customer:I guess.
(the store director happened to be walking up to the service desk where I was and I asked him about it)
Store director:absolutely not. It is against federal law.
Me (to customer):hello sir? I just spoke with the store director and he said that unfortunately we cannot because it is against the law.
Customer:its not my fault this happened! The woman who sold them to me gave me the wrong kind! Ask him if I can exchange it!
Me (to store director):he wants to know if he can exchange it…
Store director:absolutely no. Tell him he can try an ammo shop.
Me (to customer):I’m sorry sir, we cannot do an exchange either. But he’s suggested to try an ammo shop..
Customer:if it’s against the law then I can’t return it at an ammo shop!! I want my money back! It’s only $16!
((why then are you trying to return it here if you know you couldn’t do it there because its against the law..??))
Me (to store director):he’s demanding his money back. He said it’s only 16 dollars.
Store director:tell him no.
Me (to customer):I’m sorry sir, but we cannot return it.
Customer:put your store director on the line!
Me (to store director):he would like to talk to you..
Store director (to customer):Hi this is (his name) how can I help you?
Customer:(explains the situation and demands his money back)
Store director:I cannot authorise to give you your money back. It is against federal law. I can let my manager know and see what she says. But, I cannot just give you your money back.
(he took down his info and I’m not sure what they intend to do. But I hope they stick to their guns on this one and don’t just give in.)

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