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(This occurs just after Halloween, I’m currently working a register up front when a man and his son who appears to be about 5 come up to my register. I begin scanning their items as the boy reads one of the big signs we have hanging on the ceiling)

Son: A-P-P-L-E…Apple…You can’t have that sign up anymore.

Me: I’m sorry?

Son: It’s not apple year anymore. It’s toy year.

Me: Apple year? (I look at the boy’s father hoping to make sense of this) Do you know what he’s talking about?

Customer: I have no idea…

Son: Oh wait, it’s not toy year…it’s turkey year…next is toy year.

Me: (Finally catching on) Oh he means MONTHS. (To the son) Wouldn’t last year be candy year though?

Son: Oh…I thought it was apple year because of the sign…

Me: Don’t worry, we sell apples every year.

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