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(I’m the dumb customer in this one. After my family was seated at a restaurant, the waiter finished taking my mother’s order and got to me. Like many sit-down eateries, each dinner entree came with two sides and the choice of a soup or a salad, usually said like “soup or salad?” Cue the ensuing embarrassment. Note: This is written the way that I understood it at the time.)

Me: I’d like a chicken fried steak, please, with green beans and mashed potatoes.

Waiter: Super salad?

Me: No.

Waiter: *confused* Um… super salad?

Me: NO.

Waiter: *panicking slightly* ….Super salad?!

Me: *forceful but still polite* NO!

(This continued for a few minutes, with the waiter looking like he wanted to die on the spot and very confused. I was completely puzzled by the fact that he didn’t understand that I did not, in fact, want a SUPER SALAD, which is what I heard. I hate salad. Eventually, my dad came to the waiter’s – and my – rescue.)

Dad: [My Name], he’s asking if you want a SOUP or SALAD.

(At this point, realization dawned. The waiter nearly fell over in relief as I sheepishly asked for soup. I sure hope the waitstaff got a kick out of it, because I never wanted to give the poor man such a hard time!)

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