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(I work at an upscale smoke shop, while we do carry some cheap pieces, we have an entire display cabinet full or art pieces where the average price is around $600.
It’s 9:01pm on a Monday, I’ve just turned off the open sign and half of the lights in the store when a pair of obviously high customers walks in)

Me: “Hey guys, we actually just closed, but if there’s something I can help you with real quick I’ll be glad to help before I shut down the register.”

Customer 1: “No, you’re open till midnight.”

Me: “We close at 9 Monday through Thursday, and even on Fridays and Saturdays, we’re only open till 10.”

Customer 2: “Oh well we just want to look around.”

Customer 1: “Yeah, I was thinking about buying the Seed of Life.”

Me: “I think you may have the wrong store, we don’t have any piece with that name. You may be thinking of [competing smoke shop] up the road. They have the Tree of Life and are open till midnight some days.

Customer 1: “Well, we’re just going to look around for the Seed of Life.”

Me: “Gentlemen, we don’t have a piece by that name in the store, I can promise you that, and if you’re just looking around, I’m going to ask you to leave so I can close down the shop since at this point since I stopped getting paid about 5 minutes ago.”

(Both customers walk past me and start looking around the store)

Customer 1: “Yeah I don’t see the piece I was looking for, but can I check that one out?”

(He points at a mildly expensive piece that will cost about $300 after the 20% discount we already have on it, I pull it down so as to not lose a potential sale for the owners.)

Customer 1: “I was in here the other week and was thinking about buying this, would you take $230 for it?”

Me: “I can’t man, that’s a high quality american company that uses borosilicate glass, I really can’t take that much of a loss on it since it’s already discounted.”

Customer 2: “Dude I thought you were looking for the Seed of Life.”

Customer 1: “I was, but they must have sold it.”

Me: “I’ve worked here for about a year, and we haven’t had a piece by that name, I really do think you’re thinking of The Tree of Life that [competitor] has. You should try their store since we’re closed and don’t have what you’re looking for.”

(The customers finally get the hint and walk out without buying anything.)

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