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(I just got off work from my convenience store job and went down the street to a book store to shop. I still had my uniform on while I was shopping, but seeing as it’s different than the uniforms of the book store employees I thought I wouldn’t be bothered. I was sitting on the floor looking at book titles when this customer turns down the isle I was in.)
Customer: excuse me where are the greeting cards?
(I looked around thinking she was talking to someone else, but I was the only one there)
Me: um.. I don’t know. Maybe towards the front?
Customer: what? Well why don’t you know! Who would know then!?
(I looked down at my blue uniform then back at her a little confused. Then I stood up looked towards the front at an actual employee in bright green and replied.)
Me: the person working the front desk.
(I sat back down and continued to look at book titles as she huffed and stormed off towards the front. I belive I heard her mutter something like ‘useless B’)

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