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(I work in a skilled nursing facility that is basically a step-down unit from the hospital. We have on our floor a middle-aged man who has been recovering from a motorcycle accident. During his stay, he has proved himself to be obnoxious, needy, and inconsiderate, to the point that when his 100 days of physical therapy are up, all of the staff is more than happy to see him go. I happen to be his Nurse Aide for the last night his stay. Note: this man has been cleared by PT to be safe returning to his home, and is also married.)

Patient: You know, I’m not ready to be discharged.
Me: Really, sir? Why not?
Patient: Because! When I go home, who’s going to do my physical therapy? Who’s going to bring me my pain pills? WHO IS GOING TO FLUFF MY PILLOWS?
Me: (doing my best to stay professional) Sir, this is Rehab. After a certain point, you’re expected to do it yourself.

(And I never saw him again!)

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