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(Up until recently, I worked for an entertainment branch that dealt in CDs, DVDs and games. The lease on our building ran out and being unable to find tenancy elsewhere, our branch had no choice but to close down. For three weeks our doors and windows were plastered with ‘closing down’ and ‘75% closing sale’ signs, along with information regarding why we were closing and by which date. Two days after our closing date, some movers parked up outside the store to help up shift the last of our empty shelves, take apart the counters, stack boxes, etc. Bear in mind the front of our store is plain glass so you can clearly see inside as you approach, even from a distance.)

Man: *strolls in through the doors as two of the movers are carrying out a DVD rack, before pausing and looking around in confusion* …Are you guys open?
Me: No, we’re closing…
Man: So like, you can’t get *movie title* in for me?
(There is literally no stock down here at this point as it’s all either gone in our clearance sale or been sent back to the warehouse, not to mention we no longer even have tills or computers)
Me: I’m afraid not, sir, we’re shutting down.

(The man shuffles out and we carry on with packing up. Throughout the day this continued to happen, people would try to walk in before looking around gormlessly and asking if we were still open. We couldn’t keep the doors shut because we needed clear access to the vans outside, but eventually we resorted to putting a rope across the doorway that we could easily lift if we needed in or out. At this point, I am sat on the floor about two feet away from the doors, a large packaging tape dispenser in my hand as I’m sealing a large cardboard box, and a woman pokes her head in over the rope.)

Me: I’m sorry, we’re–
Woman: Excuse me, I know you’re closing down and all, but is there any chance that I could still trade these in? *she produces a bag of DVDs and Blu-Rays and stares at me expectantly*
Me: (by this point I’ve lost the ability to be professional about these questions) Ma’am, we officially closed two days ago. We’ve got no tills, no computers. We can’t take anything.
(Before either of us can say another word, a family with two small children walk right up to the rope across the door and stare at it in dismay.)
Woman 2: Oi, what’s all this? Why are you closing?!
Me: We’re losing the building.
Woman 2: Well, where are you moving to?
Me: We’re not. We’re just closing, I’m afraid. We couldn’t get anywhere else.
Woman 2: *now visibly angry* Well how was I supposed to know? Where am I gonna shop now?!
(My manager comes over at this point, also weary of all the angry interruptions)
Manager: Can I recommend Amazon? Have a nice day.

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