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(I thought the progression of customer comments on my costume at work was funny. I am dressed as a Hogwarts student, in a very authentic looking Hufflepuff uniform)

Customer 1: I like the Harry Potter getup.

Me: Thanks

Customer 1: Why Hufflepuff, though?

Me: Because I like Hufflepuff and that’s what house I’m in on Pottermore. Plus Hufflepuffs are like the underdogs.

Customer: Yeah. They are.


Customer 2: Oh, don’t you look cute in your uniform!

Me: Thanks

Customer 2: Oh! Oh, it’s like from Harry Potter!

Me: Yeah!


Customer 3: So are you being a school girl for Halloween?

Me: No, I’m a Hufflepuff. At Hogwarts. From Harry Potter.


Customer 4: So what are you supposed to be? Someone from Whoville?


Customer 5: I love your costume. Hufflepuff rocks.

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