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I’m standing in line waiting to pay, and the person ahead of me is trying to prepay for gas with his creditcard. The customer is trying to convey the point that his car is a rental, and he is not sure how much gas it will need. The store clerk, a meek, and slender fellow, with a soft voice, is trying to explain to him, that if he wants to prepay for $40 worth of gas, but only uses $38 of it, the extra $2 will automatically be refunded to his card. As he is explaining this, the line is growing, and a second store clerk arrives from stocking drinks in the cooler. Store clerk #2 is a larger, stronger man, than clerk #1, and has a deep booming voice. Just as Store Clerk #2 gets on his register, prepay gas guy comes back in, and goes right to front of Store Clerk #1’s register.

Prepay Gas Guy: You owe me $5 dollars. I paid to much.

Store Clerk #1: Sir, I explained to you earlier, that if you did not use all the gas you prepaid for, the remainder would be refunded to your card.

Prepay Gas Guy: I don’t understand. You ripped me off for $5 dollars.

(This goes back if forth for a few minutes.)

Store Clerk #1 says to Store Clerk #2: “Can you help me with this guy, he just isn’t understanding me”.

Store Clerk #2: looks right at Prepaid Gas Guy and says in his large booming voice “Yo, the extra goes right back on the card, man”.

Prepaid Gas Guy finally gets the look like the light bulb over his head finally turned on, and says “Ah, the extra goes back on card. Why didn’t he just say so”.