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Our store has several coupons which come out that are exclusively for customers paying with our store’s charge card. A woman comes up to the register with a few hundred dollars worth of items and one of said coupons.

Me: Okay, your total comes up to [Price].

The woman starts pulling out cash. I assume she didn’t read the fine print on the coupon, and clarify.

Me: Oh, your coupon is for when you use your [Store Charge Card].

Woman: What?

Me: To use this coupon, you have to put it on your [Store Charge Card]. See? It’s right here. (I point out where it says that on the coupon.)

Woman: I don’t have a [Store Charge Card].

Me: Well, if you don’t have it on you, we can look it up by your Social-

Woman: No, I don’t have a [Store Charge Card]! I got this from a friend! She said I could come it and use it!

Me: Oh… Well, unfortunately, that is a [Store Charge Card] exclusive coupon. If you don’t have one or aren’t paying with one, I can’t give you the discount. If you’d like, I can sign you up for a [Store Charge Card]. The discount for approval is [Same discount on the coupon]. That way, you’d still get the discount.

Her: I don’t want a [Store Charge Card]! Didn’t you send out some sort of percent off coupon in the mail at around two?

I have heard of no such coupon.

Me: No?

She starts looking on her phone anyway, and sure enough, finds no such coupon.

Her: Fine, just take the coupon off.

Me: Okay, the price is [Slightly higher price]. And if there’s nothing else, I’ll get you your change-

At that exact moment, the computer and pin pad lock up.

Me: Um, sorry, we’re having some technical difficulties-

Her: FINE!

She takes her cash and the coupon and flat out leaves, grumbling something about never coming here again.

Me: …Have a nice day!