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Customer: *comes up with multiple potted plants* They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Who is they?
Customer: They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Well how would you like me to bag them?
Customer: *getting incredibly irritated because I don’t understand her crypticness*
Me: From the bottom or over the top? (our floral girl has told us that to protect the tops of the plants we should bag over the plant instead of around the pot) and would you like paper or plastic?
Customer: *speaking slowly so I understand her* Well I think putting them in plastic will keep them from spilling don’t you?
Me: (puts plants in bags. They’re rather large so attempting to tie the tops would hurt the plants) Ok that will be $xxx.
Customer: *screaming* these will tip and make a mess! They told me you knew how to bag these correctly!
Me: I bagged the the way you said you wanted them bagged. You wouldn’t even tell me how “they” are so I couldn’t even ask what they meant.

My customer then stormed out of the store saying she would never shop here again. Promises, promises.