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I’m a customer at the self-checkout. Pretty much every time I’m there someone fails to notice the large, rectangular scanner built into the door pole meant for scanning the rectangular  barcode on the recipe to open said doors. Usually a quick “You need to scan your recipe” from the clerk is all that is needed, but today was special.

The family consists of the parents and a boy in his early teens. Since they are standing confusedly in front of the doors and the clerk is nowhere in sight, I tell them “You need to scan your recipe.” while pointing to the relevant pole.

The father immediately walks over to the other pole – the doors are about two meters wide -, ignoring the large, flashing red light of the scanner and proceeds to smash the recipe against it.

After a moment of shock I tell him “You need to scan it on the pole with the scanner.” He, incredibly, manages to go to the correct pole. Hope soars in me. And is smashed like the recipe against this pole. Exasperated – because the scanner does not appear to pick up the barcode, which is on the part of the recipe he has not smudged against it – he hands the recipe to his son with a grumbled “Here. You do it.”.

Surely, I think, a child of the technological age must know how to use such simple technology. And lo and behold – he spots the barcode! And proceeds to turn the recipe sideways, before repeatedly failing to scan it.

It’s like watching a dog with a long stick try to fit through a doorway, just less cute and funny.

I have since come to the conclusion that they shared a brain, supported by the fact that only one of them spoke at a time and that there was some progression on each action.

They did – eventually – make it out, complaining about the complicated mechanism.

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