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I’m on a city bus when all of a sudden the driver slams on the breaks. All eyes go to the front of the bus where a biker has planted himself in the middle of the lane, facing down the bus. We’re nowhere near a scheduled stop, the road is busy, and the guy must have swerved across two lanes in order to face off with our bus.

Driver: * throws his hands up in the air* Seriously? What is your problem??

Biker: *motions that he wants to get on the bus*

Driver: Seriously? No. No! *shakes his head vigorously because the guy can’t hear him*

Biker: *smiles and gives a thumbs-up, then starts putting his bike on the rack*

Driver: NO! *shakes his head and waves his arm, but the biker isn’t looking*

Biker: *has secured his bike and looks to the driver with a grin*

Driver: *shakes his head again*

Biker: *frowns and goes back to his bike, but instead of taking it off the rack, he just turns it the other way, then gives the driver a thumbs up and moves to the door*

Driver: *scowls at him*

Biker: *motions for him to open the door*

Driver: *Shakes his head.*

Biker: …

Driver: …

Biker: *mouths through the door* Seriously??

Driver: Seriously. *Gestures for him to leave*

Biker: *dejectedly gets his bike off the rack and pedals away*

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