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(The craft store I work at sells leather cord by the foot. The customers cut it themselves and fill out a sheet saying how much they cut. These sheets are in the same basket as the cutters, with a sign that says the price per foot, that it is sold by the foot, and how to measure. There is also a ruler with a sign that says to cut whole feet lengths only. It is not possible to touch the cutters without reaching behind this sign. A girl comes up to my checkstand with several items, including a few lengths of leather)

Me: Do you have the sheet for this?
Customer: *blank stare*
Me: That you wrote the measurements on?
Customer: Oh, I didn’t measure it.
Me: *blank stare* I’m not sure how to…sell it…without the sheet.

(I called a more experienced coworker over to help. The lengths she cut weren’t full feet, so we had to do a complicated inventory adjustment, and in the end she had 8 feet at almost $3 a foot. She paid and left. Twenty minutes pass and then she’s back)

Customer: Can I return this? It was a lot more than I thought it’d be.

(It took everything I had to ask how much she thought it’d be, based on how many signs she had to ignore)