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Customer without a halo
It is the day after a major release for a new game, and I am working the register and answering the phone for a very well known trade in shop in a mall. Please note that the pre order was just digital content for this game and no tangible things.
Phone rings:
Me: thank you for calling [store] in the [area] mall, this is [name], how can I help you?
Customer: yea I came in earlier and picked up my sons pre order for [game].
Me: oh fantastic, is there anything I can do to help you?
customer: (suddenly irate) well my son is all pissed off now because he never got his poster and all that other stuff promised.
Me: ma’am we don’t have posters to give out… This game’s preorder was digital.
Customer: oh so you gave out all the posters already… Why didn’t my son get one?? My husband told me that he was supposed to get one.
Me: ma’am, I think you are misinformed. We never had posters to give out. I went to the late night event last night and there weren’t any at all. And none were here to give out toda…
Customer: (cuts me off) But my husband told me you were giving them out!!!
Me: then I believe he was misinformed on the entire thing and I’m sorry for that.
Customer: well I’m giving the store number to my husband so he can call. Good luck… *click*
*right after my supervisor said he would take over if he called because he loves dealing with stupid people. And luckily, to my knowledge he never called.*

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