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I used to work at a retail store outside a popular tourist destination. A customer came up with a box that had a pair of boots in it. The following is the ensuing conversation.

Me: Hello Miss, did you find everything okay?
Customer: Yes I did
*at this point I’m pulling the plastic inserts out of the boot per company policy*
Customer: No I want those in the boots
Me: I’m sorry ma’am but per corporate directions and store policy I cannot include these in the sale. You are more than welcome to purchase a pack of inserts for only a few dollars.
Customer: No! Do you know who I am? I spend $20,000 a year here! I have a black Amex card! I can do whatever I want and because you work at this store, you work for me! Do I have to call a manager and report you?
Me: I’d be happy to call a supervisor for you , but she will tell you the same thing I am.
Customer: I don’t care, call her now.
*i call my manager to the checkout*
Manager: What seems to be the problem?
Me: *explains the dilemma*
Manager: Ma’am she’s right. Per store policy we take the plastic inserts out.
Customer: How dare you? You work for me and I can do what I want. And what I want is to have those boot inserts!
*now there is a huge line of people waiting to check out*
Manager: That’s just not possible. You’re welcome to buy a pair of inserts separately.

The customer is quiet and doesn’t speak for the rest of the transaction. I’m glad to say I never saw her again.

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