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I was one of the oh-so-fortunate salespeople scheduled to be on the computer department sales floor when the store opened at 6am. At that time, this chain was notorious for advertising merchandise that wasn’t actually available.

A woman came in with a coupon that allowed her to get a special deal if she bought three particular items from a big name computer/peripheral manufacturer. Unfortunately, one of the three items was not available, and not because of the stores’ usual creative merchandising–the chain actually did not carry that item. I explained this.

“Don’t just stand there. Go look in the back.”
“Ma’am, we don’t have them in the back. [Company] does not carry that item.”
“I’ve heard about your lying ads. My coupon expires tomorrow and I NEED ALL THOSE ITEMS. Go get me [item] or I’ll have you fired!”

Just then, I noticed a small group of men in expensive suits coming our way. I recognized one of them.
“Ma’am, would you like to talk directly to the owners of the company about that?”
“You bet I would!”
“If you’ll just turn around, you’ll see Mr. [X] right behind you. I’m sure he can help you.”
“I’m going to tell him to fire you for being so lazy and unhelpful.”
“You might want to have him look in the inventory so you can prove I was wrong.”
“I’ll do just that, and you can bet you’ll be sorry!”

Off she marched, waving her coupon. I scurried away at top speed and hid out in another area of the department till I saw the top brass mosey along. I still wonder what happened, but needless to say I did not get fired. I doubt she even looked at my name.

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