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(We are shopping for an engagement ring in a small jewellery store, it is quiet with two other people looking around the staff have left us to browse.
A very tall, very slim man walks in behind us and starts acting very animated…)

Man: (to no one in particular) I’m just looking!!!

(We ignore him).

Man: (again no one is around) Typical, typical!

Staff: Can I help you sir?

Man: NO! (Screeching) I am just looking!

(At this point we try to move away from him).

Man: (Still screeching) I want that watch.

Staff: Good choice sir, that watch costs £550. It is a (brand) and is water resis..

Man: (Cutting her off) No! you will give it to me for free!

(At this point all the staff are nervously watching him, we have tried to make as much room as possible but he is blocking the entrance.)

Manager: (Stepping in) I’m sorry sir, we cannot do that. The watch costs £550. You can pay with cash or card. But you will not be getting it for free.

Man: Do you not know who I am? I need that watch! (he reaches over the counter, somehow even being over 6 foot he manages to miss both the watch and the member of staff).

Manager: I need you to leave, now!

(The manager starts to approach the man, trying to get him out of the store. Instead he backs into us. I put my fiancé behind me but with nowhere to go he is going to end up on top of us.)

Me: Hey! watch it.

Man: (Gabbing my coat) If I have to go, he does too!

(All attention is suddenly on me, the manager freezes, my wife grabs on to me, store security have just arrived but no one dares to come any closer. With my slim build and short height he towers over me. I hadn’t been in a fight since I left school many years ago and I have no idea what is going to happen next.)

Me: Get, off, me. now!

(He begins screeching and pulls at my coat, surprisingly to everyone (including myself) I don’t even flinch. Panicking he uses both hands, again I don’t move, despite the size of him, he weighs less than I do. Yet he won’t let go.)

Security: Sir, you need to let the gentleman go!

(He is cornered, security and the shop staff surround him, I am not moving no matter how hard he tries. A last ditch effort he throws all his weight behind him and tries to drag me over on top of him. Eventually I stumble, landing knee first into his gut, knocking any fight out of him. Security grab his arms and legs dragging him out of the store.)

Manager: I am so sorry sir, are you alright?

Me: Err, yeah actually.

Manager: Your not hurt at all?

Me: No, no i’m fine. Honestly I think our dog weighs more than he does.

Manager: Well I apologies anyway, you said you where looking for an engagement ring?

(We got a great deal that day on the ring, and an even better story. It turned out that the man was the son of the owner. Who partied away his allowance and previously was caught dipping his hand into the till. The manager assured me that this time he would not be coming back!)