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(I’ve just started working box office one day. A couple walks up to me. The man is mid-20’s, very buff, and clearly has a nasty attitude with a permanent scowl on his face. The girlfriend is practically glued to him at the waist.)

Male Customer: (Practically shouting) “Look, I found out you have a military discount on tickets… Why didn’t I get it?!”

Me: “Did you notify the person who sold you your tickets that you’re military?”

Male Customer: (Chuckles and rolls his eyes) “Uh, no. I shouldn’t have to.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: (Under her breath; glaring at me) “Way to respect our brave heroes, douchebag.”

Male Customer: “I’m not some tub of lard like all the other… CITIZENS in here. Couldn’t you tell I’m a freaking HERO?! I’m in the ARMY!”

(He pulls a military ID and practically throws it at me.)

Me: “Sir, if you’d like, you can go to the managers desk, and see if they can approve a discount or partial refund to make up for the price difference the military discount would have given. I’m unfortunately not authorized to give refunds without prior approval.”

(The customer snatches back up his ID.)

Male Customer: “Ugh, no. A two-dollar discount isn’t worth dealing with… CITIZENS over. I’m a HERO. I don’t have time for stupid, low, lard-ass CITIZENS.”

(And yes, he made sure to put emphasis on every mention of the word “Hero” and “Citizen.” And people wonder why I don’t automatically worship soldiers just because they’re in the military…)

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