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(“The Power,” noted 1990 eurodance hit by the German group Snap!, begins playing over the radio, and a middle aged white woman comes up to me.)
Customer: Excuse me, I’d like to speak to the manager in charge of your playlist.
Me: Well they don’t actually control it, corporate puts the playlist together and we just t-
Customer: This music is ridiculous!
Me: Yeah, I know, it’s not the mos-
Customer: I can’t stand this! (getting increasingly irate) Look at your target demographics here! I shouldn’t have to listen to this rap music! THIS IS OFFENSIVE!
Me: I… I… I don’t kno-
Customer: I don’t have to listen to this, I’m leaving now!
Me: Ma’am, we really don’t control the music.
Customer: I’m never coming back here again!
(she storms out of the store, and I go up to a co-worker while the song is still playing)
Me: Did you see that woman who just stormed out of here? She said that the rap music we were playing was offensive.
Co-worker: …We play rap music?

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