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(I work at a popular Canadian coffee shop as a manager. I came across this one customer about ten minutes before my shift was supposed to end at 10:00pm)
Me: Did you get the Orange Pekoe tea?
Customer: Yes
(I can see that she is grabbing a car out of her wallet, so I pick up the debit machine and hold it out the drive through window)
Me: Is it debit or credit?
(I ask because our system has us choose debit or credit)
Customer: Visa
Me: Okay credit
(I hand her the debit machine after I hit the credit button. I took it back once it was done and handed her the tea)
Customer: Do you have a manager here?
Me: No we –
(She cut me off)
Customer: That’s not true! There is always a manager!
Me: We don’t have a manager in store after 6:00pm, but I’m the Supervisor –
(She cut me off again)
Customer: YYOOUURR the Supervisor!
(She had this weird tone as if she couldn’t believe it)
Me: I am. Is there something wrong?
Customer: Humph!
(She just drove off after that, and I was left wondering what the hell that was all about)

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