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(I work in a small location that sells only one international brand of shoes. We don’t have a lot of space, so some of the less popular shoes don’t get replenished. When we run out of sizes or styles, we frequently write down the name and code number for the shoe so that the customer can find it on our website later.)
Customer: I like these ones, but this one has a blemish. *pointing out a pair of blue shoes that also come in red or black*
Me: Oh, no, I’m sorry to see that. I’ll go check if we have another pair in your size – if we don’t have them in the blue, would you be okay with trying on one of the other colours?
Customer: I guess that’d be fine. The black ones by preference.
(I run upstairs to our stock room, and the only pair of that style in her size are the blue ones with the blemish. They’re also slightly different colours – probably from someone trying to clean the blemish off. I double check that there aren’t any of her size in the other colours, grab the mismatched blue pair, and take a deep breath.)
Me: I’m really sorry, but it turns out that the only ones of that style that I have in your size are the blue ones – *holding them out*
Customer: Well, you can hardly expect me to buy those.
Me: No, no, absolutely, but I’ve brought them down so you can try them on, at least, and –
Customer: *cutting me off* Don’t you have any in the other colours?
Me: No, which is why I brought these ones down. Even though the colour’s wrong, you could still try them on –
Customer: But why would I?
Me: If they fit, at least, I can write down the code for you –
Customer: No.
Me: What I mean is, if you have the code and you know they fit, you can find them online.
Customer: *stares at me for a few moments* Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.
Me: *screaming internally*

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