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(I’m part of a team that answers the phones for all of the locations in the company and directs the calls to the appropriate people.)

Me: *answers the phone with my usual greeting* How may I help you?

Caller: I need to talk to [name]!

Me: Okay, certainly. Just one moment and I’ll get you over to him. (Note that the particular person this guy wanted is one of our cold-call transfers, meaning that we just put the callers directly through the line without paging the person first.)

Caller: And I better not get his voicemail again! I just called and got it and I won’t talk to a machine! *the caller is getting more irate with every word*

Me: Uh, I’m sorry about that sir. I can try calling him myself to see if he’s in. (While we normally don’t do that, I’m trying to deescalate the situation.)

Caller: You do that, sweetheart!

Me: *I bristle at being called ‘sweetheart’ but try to get the requested person; I get his voicemail, however, so switch back to the caller* I’m sorry, sir. I’m getting his voicemail also. It is the lunch hour, so he may not be at his desk. If it’s urgent I can see if someone–

Caller: You’d better get someone on the phone for me!! I need to talk to someone right now and I won’t talk to a DAMNED MACHINE!!

Me: Just one moment, sir, and I’ll see if I can get someone for you. *I put him on hold and take a deep breath before I start trying everyone in the department the caller needs. No one is answering, until I get the new woman in the department* I am really sorry, [new woman]. I’ve got a guy on the line wanting to talk to [name] and he’s really angry because he got his voicemail and wants to talk to someone right this moment. He won’t tell me what he needs so urgently, though.

New Woman: *I can practically hear her rolling her eyes* That’s fine, put him through. I’ll deal with him.

Me: Thanks. You’re a saint. *I transfer the guy over and breath a sigh of relief*

Coworker: All that over getting someone’s voicemail? During the lunch hour? Jeez. I heard him yelling all the way over here.

Me: Yep. I sure love the things people choose to get mad over.