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(I work as tech support for a medical center’s telehealth program. People usually call me about losing their passwords, billing questions, for help signing up, etc. A detail about the program that not many know is that it uses a separately-developed technology platform to handle the info. I’m working a late shift and get this wonderful call)

Me: Thank you for calling **** Online Care Support, this is (My name) on a recorded line, how may I assist you?

Caller: Does your service take **** insurance?

Me: Unfortunately no, **** Online Care does not take any kind of insurance.

Caller: Well, they take it at the clinic.

Me: Yes, they take **** insurance at the clinic, but the online service does not.

Caller: Well, you’re doing some false advertising.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t see how-

Caller: Hold on, let me go back and look at it again.

(I wait for about 30 seconds while she clicks around)

Caller: Here. It says, ‘Please enter insurance information’, but there’s nowhere to enter your insurance. That’s false advertising!

(Without missing a beat, and with one breath and a steady voice…)

Me: **** Online Care uses the **** technology platform, which provides basic templates with which users may enter their demographic, insurance, and other information. Due to this, there is a section where you are optionally prompted to enter insurance info, even though ****’s online services due not take it.


Me: And is there anything else I can assist you with ma’am?

Caller: No, with your rude a**. *Click*