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The Roadhouse I work at has a cafe attached. This day we’re currently experiencing a power cut, and relying on a backup generator. This means anything that uses a lot of power or has an element has been shut down – so we have no hot water, coffee machine, deep frier or sandwich toaster – just the hot plate as it’s gas. To let people know, we’ve placed a sign on the counter explaining this and what we can still serve – intentionally placed so it blocks most of the menu on the wall when you stand in front of the counter. At the very bottom (about eye level) in big bold letters it says: NO TOASTED S/W, NO COFFEE.
Customer: (Walks to the counter, sees sign. Moves a step to the left so he can read the menu on the wall) I’ll take a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and a coffee please.
Me: (pointing to the sign) Sorry sir, we’re currently experiencing a power cut and can’t provide those right now
Customer: Oh, I didn’t see that!

(Sadly, this conversation happened at least 10 times before the power came back!)