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(I get a call at 3 am from the hotel next door to us.)

Other Hotel: “A customer has mistaken us for you. Beware, he’s extremely drunk.”

Me: “Oh great.”

(Sure enough, a drunken man stumbles in. He hits his shoulder on the door coming in, and he looks very unkempt.)

Drunk: “Ssssay, I’m hungry, where do I go to eat??”

Me: “Sorry, but…every restaurant is closed…”

Drunk: “You’re lying!!”

Me: “Sorry.”

Drunk: *enraged* “You’re hiding info frrrrom meeee!”

(The drunk starts grabbing my things off the desk, and throwing them on the ground. He tries to lift my computer too but fails, so he punches the screen instead. I’m shouting for him to stop, and he takes off down the hall. I follow him and hear a thump. He had collapsed in the middle of the hallway, vomiting all over!)

Other Customer: *opens door* “What’s all the noise?!” *sees* “Ohmigod, a dead BODY!”

(She calls the police. They come and help the man go to jail for vandalism and public intoxication. Later, he comes back, sober, and says that he doesn’t remember anything but is seeking help for his alcoholism.)

Me: “That’s good to know…”

Drunk: *glares at me and leaves*