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[It’s a very busy day, we have a tiny kitchen, but large groups frequent us. One of my co-workers is doing overtime in the kitchen to help with the sudden rush, while our trainee is putting together a huge order for the drive-thru. We have several more sizable orders to go, and I’m taking care of those.]

Customer: What is this, they should at least be taking my order, so that they can get started on it!
Me: I’ll be right with you ma’am, just give me a minute to finish this order!
Customer *getting more irate*: This is just taking too long!
Me *after a couple of minutes*: Alright, what would you like to get today?
Customer: I want this [double burger meal] to go!

[After I’ve processed her order, she stays at the till, looking very intensely at the kitchen, blocking the next customer in line. I ask her to step a bit to the side, which she does, but not without huffing and puffing. The next customer in line is eating on the spot, so I give her soda and fries straight away.]

Customer: What is this?! You have completely overlooked me!
Me: Ma’am, did I not understand you correctly? It was my understanding that you’re taking your meal with you.
Customer: I am!
Me: Well, I can of course give you your soda and fries straight away, but the fries will be very cold, when you get home. I’d rather give you all your items at once, especially since your burger isn’t quite done yet.
Customer: *Grumbles under her breath, but falls back.*

[As soon as my co-worker starts wrapping the new batch of burgers, the customer starts prancing before the till. At this point there’s no fries left, but a new batch will be done in 15 seconds.]

Customer: What is now taking so long?! Can’t you just hurry up!
Me: Ma’am, you’ll have to have a bit of patience still. I gave the last fries to the lady after you, since she’s dining here. Fresh and piping hot fries taste better as take-away, I just want to make sure that your meal will be as scrumptious as possible, please bear with me!
Customer *after she’s gotten her order*: This took way to long, you are too slow!

[Me and my co-workers had a good laugh after that, and honestly didn’t know what she expected, since there were at least five minivans in the drive-thru lane and the place was packed with large family groups when she arrived!]