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(I work for a popular cell phone company and I deal with post paid accounts and we have another department for prepaid.)

Me: Thank you for calling [Company name], may I have your first and last name please?

Customer: (sweetly) My name is [name] and how are you today?

Me: I’m doing great and you?

Customer: Well, I’m about to ruin that cause I’m pissed. My boyfriend just put minutes on my card and it says I don’t have any f****** minutes. I’m so f****** pissed.

Me: Wow. I’m so sorry. But are you on prepaid?

Customer: Yes and you mother f****** keep telling me I have no minutes.

Me: I’m so sorry again. But I work in post pay I have to get you to prepaid to get this resolved. Let me get you to prepaid to get this taken care of right away.

(Now because I’ve kept my cool this is clearly agitating her and she feels like she needs to be meaner.)

Customer: Hold up! Take this number down because if you hang up on me, I’m gonna go Madea on your ass. My sister has 5 lines with you all and I will personally tell everyone how s***** [Company name] is! Cause I am pissed!

Me: (even nicer) Oh of course! I’m so sorry.
(She gives me the call back number) One moment, ma’am.
(I transfer her but I warn the prepaid rep about her before and he basically said he didn’t see a payment so her boyfriend probably lied to her. I surely hope she didn’t go Madea on his a**.)

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