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I used to work for a well known big-chain shoe store that sells popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse etc. 2 months after i began working as a shop assistant corporate opened a second store in the city as one store was not big enough for the volume of customers we received. As the second store was much larger all deliveries ordered online using ‘click & collect’ were sent to the newer one while we just dealt with in-store transactions. The second store was at the bottom end of the high street while our store was at the top end so they were at least a 15-20 minute walk apart – this was made explicitly clear on email confirmation orders (i.e ‘please pick up deliveries from South end store not North end store’). I stayed in the north store after the opening and we never had any complaints of this change, although i once had a customer who was adamant it was anyone’s but her own fault for not properly reading her email.

Her: Hi, im here to pick up a click & collect *rummaging in bag* here’s my confirmation email printed.
Me: Oh hi, I’m really sorry but since we opened our new store all deliveries go there as its bigger!
Her: *face suddenly stony with a angry glare* wHAT? Since when had there been a second store?
Me: I’m sorry about any confusion, it is a new store so I can understand if you got mixed up
(although I fail to see why as the new store was heavily advertised all over the high street, billboards, posters, the job lot. and the email clearly stated deliveries were to the new store)
Her: This is ridiculous I have lived here my whole life and I NEVER heard about a new store.
Me: *trying to keep my cool as its Saturday at peak time and its extremely busy with a big queue behind her* Well there has been lots of advertising and the email does say deliveries are to the new store! We’ve had a few mix-ups though (lie) so it is understandable!
Her: Well that’s not good enough i didn’t see that part of the email and i need my parcel here and now
Me: I’m afraid there’s not much i can do about that, your delivery will still be at the new store.
Her: *almost shouting* this is ridiculous i walked all this way up the high street and you don’t even have my package this is a joke i didn’t even know there was a second store.
Me: Well i’m not sure wh-
Her: Save it i’ll just walk back down.
*throws her purse & confirmation print out into bag and dramatically into her bag and storms out of store muttering about bad communication*