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Recently, there have been some viral outbreaks on my university campus, so some students have started wearing medical face-masks. I am one of these students, as I am trying everything to prevent being sick before some big exams coming up.

On this day, I stop by a bank next to campus to use the ATM, and notice that I am followed by an unkempt-looking middle-aged woman. I think nothing of her, until she stands RIGHT next to me and stares at me while I’m trying to enter my PIN.

Me: “Uh… Excuse me, can you please step back a bit? There’s another ATM right next to you.”

Woman: “Ain’t oxygen good enough for ya?”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Woman: “Ain’t oxygen good enough for ya? Why you gotta wear them masks?”

Me: *thinking it’s a joke* “Haha, no, I’m just trying not to get sick.”

Woman: “Nah, you’re ugly, ain’t ya? That’s why you gotta hide it, your face is too ugly.”

Me: *speechless*

Woman: *nods, satisfied* “That’s right, you must be ugly. Only ugly people wear masks.” *immediately turns around and shuffles out*

Me: *to next person in line, who witnessed the event* “Did that just happen?”

Next Customer: “Yep, it did… But I have to say, if only ugly people wear masks, I think we should be putting one on *her*.”