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(Our store usually has a lobby that is open 24/7, as is drive-through. One night, after I worked my afternoon shift and my boyfriend arrived for his evening shift, he discovered several people had called in, and they were forced to close lobby. The customers that were already there (and myself) were allowed to remain, but nobody else was allowed inside. I’m used to staying overnight at the store with my boyfriend, so I brought my laptop and settled in beside one of the windows. Two drunk college students arrived and tried to come in, even though the door was locked and there was a large sign saying “WE ARE CLOSED”. They then saw me in the window and marched over.)

Customer: *through the window* Let me in!

Me: *shakes head, points at sign*

Customer: LET. ME. IN.

Me: *shakes head again, shrugs*

Customer: Why won’t you let me in?!

Me: *points at sign again*

Customer: FINE. F*** YOU THEN. *punches the window beside my face, flips me off, and storms away, girlfriend in tow*

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